This is quite possible the cutest idea for a Valentine’s Day party we’ve ever seen. Ditching the boys entirely and getting together with the girls you love for a sumptuous lunch. We think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share your love for your besties. And what better way to celebrate than with mimosas!

Thanks to White + White for totally inspiring our next get together.DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_01.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_19.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_18.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_17.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_16.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_15.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_14.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_13.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_12.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_11.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_10.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_09.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_08.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_07.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_06.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_05.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_04.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_03.jpg DIY_Style_ValentinesDay_02.jpg


1 hour


black + white table cloth | white candles | gold + white candle holders | glass plates | fresh blooms in a variety of pink and purpose hues


  1.  Set the table for your ladies using a black and white table cloth as the base
  2. From there, layer your elements. The key to this lock is the black, white and gold colour palette with pops of colour injected using the blooms.
  3. Burn your candle (supervised of course) a couple of hours before everyone is set to arrive so they don’t look store-bought
  4. Add a personal touch by tying name tags to napkins using a beautiful linen stock
  5. The fresh florals make this design, mix up the colour palette to suit your own taste. Just make sure they’re bright!