What do you call an event where a couple gets all dolled-up, hires a caravan-cum-bar, rolls out a whole heap of astroturf, covers the joint in confetti, books, a rad band and sets the whole thing up like a wedding? A fake wedding of course!

If you’re not into the whole getting married thing but love a good party and want to celebrate how awesome the two of you are with your buddies, then this is the only way to do it.

Celebrate the fact that it’s fake and go all out!RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_08.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_12.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_11.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_01.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_10.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_09.jpgRC_Wedding_FakeWedding_13.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_16.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_15.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_14.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_02.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_03.jpgRC_Wedding_FakeWedding_17.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_22.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_20.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_19.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_04.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_18.jpgRC_Wedding_FakeWedding_23.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_33.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_27.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_26.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_25.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_24.jpgRC_Wedding_FakeWedding_05.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_44.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_43.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_42.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_38.jpg RC_Wedding_FakeWedding_37.jpg

Styling Hope & Lace  | Photography Jess Jackson  | Floral Styling Kate Dawes Flower Design | Dress Jennifer Gifford Designs | Suit Wil Valor | Accessories Shut the Front Door | Hair + Make-up Alex OustonCake The Cake That Ate Paris