Chloe and James met while they were in high school. Chloe was 14, travelling across the United States and Canada with her family. James and Chloe kept in contact when she got back to Australia via the internet and finally, after years of crushing on each other from opposite sides of the world, Chloe travelled to Calgary in 2009 during her gap year to visit James. They fell for each other instantly and have been together ever since.

Right before their wedding, Chloe travelled across Mexico with her girlfriends and completely fell in love with the magic, colour and madness of Mexican culture. ‘I wanted to create a really magical and otherworldly atmosphere to compliment the magic and out of this world love that we share, so we decided to have a Mexican themed wedding!’.

Chloe, James and their stylist Sheree from She Designs Events left no stone unturned when it came to the styling of this Mexican inspired fiesta. James created the illustration that featured on their invitations, itinerary and menu. Each guest was given a potted cactus which also acted as place setting as well as woven bracelets that Chloe found during her Mexican adventure. Sugar skulls, traditionally embroided blankets, hammocks, festoon lights, piñatas, a tepee and general, Mexicana-inspired paraphernalia was scattered throughout the venue to create a festive, colourful and magical event.
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