Mikka celebrated her birthday surrounded by her closest friends at a beautiful Moroccan restaurant in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It was the perfect destination to host a balmy summer soiree, featuring luxurious textures, a vibrant colour palette of rich jeweled tones and delicious cuisine.

The menu included Gerard’s organic house bread with smoked butter and spice, marinated organic olives with salted crisp bread, bekka wings, slow roasted wagu brisket and Turkish delight.

But the main standout from the lunch was the gorgeous blooms. Mikka chose a range of Poppies, Roses, Frilly Tulips, Carnations, Bougainvillea, Camellias in bright orange, red, pink and yellow tones.

Mikka’s birthday is the perfect example of how you can jazz up a simple lunch to make it a beautiful get-together to remember.RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_01.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_31.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_30.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_29.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_28.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_27.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_26.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_24.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_23.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_22.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_21.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_20.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_19.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_18.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_17.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_16.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_15.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_14.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_13.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_12.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_11.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_10.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_09.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_08.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_07.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_06.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_05.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_04.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_03.jpg RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_02.jpg

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