Are your cupcakes looking a little bare? Spruce them up with these super-cute watermelon cake toppers thanks to Paper & Stitch and You Are My Fave!


30 minutes


Ages 10+


Foam Sheets (which you can buy on Amazon or at a local craft store) | Scissors | Craft Glue | Wood Skewers or lollipop Sticks


  1. Start by cutting out a half circle from one of your foam sheets. You can do this by tracing a small bowl and then cutting the circle in half or just free handing it. Then cut a smaller half circle, from a different color foam sheet. This will be the inner ‘melon’. Next, cut some small seed shapes from foam.
  2. Once all the cutting is finished, it’s time to start glueing everything together. Using a basic craft or school glue (strong glues like super glue may eat through the foam, which is why I’m recommending basic craft glue). Glue the smaller melon shape onto the larger melon shape and then glue the foam seeds on in a haphazard pattern.
  3. Once the glue is completely dry, flip your melons over and glue a short wooden skewer or lollipop stick onto the back. Wait for it to dry.


Poke into a cupcake or cake and you’re ready to celebrate summer.

Project + Photography Paper & Stitch for You Are My Fave