Despite what the name suggests, a guestbook is not limited to a book! Putting your own flair on the traditional guestbook is a great way to let your guests leave a special message for you, in a unique and creative way. Plus, you will have something to cherish and display forever.

We’ve collected nine of our fave unique guestbook ideas to inspire you to try something different on your big day.

1. Globe

Perfect for the couple that loves to travel, use a globe as a canvas for your guest’s messages. You can leave the globe as it is or paint it—whatever you prefer! Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_03

Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Ruffled Blog

2. Fingerprint artwork

Let your guests get their hands dirty. Draw up a design that you like—this can be a tree, a wreath, or perhaps a balloon, and then provide inkpads. Your guests then dip their fingers in and stamp their fingerprints onto the canvas and sign their names. Not only is this a ton of fun, it makes a beautiful art piece for you to hang and enjoy!Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_08

Left: via Etsy | Right via: Wedding Chicks

3. Jenga setBlog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_04

Buy enough Jenga blocks to account for each of your guests and ask them to write a message on one. You can ask them to write down their fave memories of you or advice for you—anything you like!

Left: via Wedding Wire | Right: via Brides of Adelaide

4. Polaroid pictures

This is a nice spin on the traditional guest book. Instead of simply asking them to sign, provide some Polaroid cameras and film to let your guests photograph each other. Once they have their photos, they can stick these into a book and write their message next to them.Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_05

Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right via: Brit and Co

5. Records

Music buffs, look no further! You can pick up some cheap old records from your local vintage store and provide some metallic markers for you guests to write with. These will look great hanging in your office at home.Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_01

Left: 100 Layer Cake | Right: Bridal Guide

6. Wooden bench

If you’re having a backyard wedding, why not make a permanent guestbook display? A park bench is perfect and leaves your guests plenty of room for message writing. Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_02Image via Rustic Wedding Chic

7. Surfboard

If you’re a beachy couple, this one will be right up your alley. Lay out an old surfboard and permanent marker, then ask your guests to leave a message on the board.Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_07

Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Style Me Pretty

8. Recipes

We love this idea! Leave out a blank book and ask your guests to contribute their favourite recipe. Your loved ones will love leaving recipes for you to enjoy as a new couple.Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_06

Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Style Me Pretty

9. Wine

Wine bottles make for a great guestbook. After the wedding day, store the bottles away in a cellar and keep them stored so you can open them on a milestone wedding anniversary!Blog_Tips_9UniqueGuestBookIdeas_09

Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Style Me Pretty 

10. Acrylic Advice Box

An acrylic advice box invites guests to leave their ‘Words of Wisdom’ for the bride and groom on acrylic note cards. The box doubles as a lovely keepsake box for the couple to remember long after their wedding day!HOORAY_Sketch-And-Etch-Wishing-Well_01

Images via Sketch and Etch