Sara and Charbel are high school sweethearts. They met through Charbel’s younger sister Nadine, when the two ‘coincidentally’ came into the retail store that Sara was working at, even though it only sold female clothing! But their impromptu meeting worked and the pair began dating soon after.

On Sara’s 22nd birthday, Charbel took her down to a beautiful restaurant by the beach, followed by a walk on the sand. As they stopped to look at the water, Charbel got down on one knee and, much to Sara’s surprise, asked her to marry him.

Sara and Charbel’s wedding was held on the cliffs of Santorini, Greece, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The couple had travelled to Santorini on holidays in 2012 and knew that it was where they would get married.

Sara arrived at the venue the traditional Greek way – onboard a donkey that was escorted by her father. They were also accompanied by a Greek band that played music as they travelled up the narrow path toward Church. Because the backdrop was so amazing, the styling of the wedding was kept really simple. They used white hydrangeas as centerpieces, set against crisp white linen and Chiavari chairs. They also had potted olive trees scattered around the venue, and hundreds of tea light candles and white lanterns. The venue, Periskop, was a private villa designed by a famous Greek architect.

‘We picked this venue because it was so secluded, which allowed us to do whatever we wanted, until whatever time we wanted without disturbing hotel guests or surrounding residents. The venue was also far more beautiful than any of the other venues we looked at. It sat on the edge of a cliff, facing west over the Mediterranean Sea. At sunset, the sea glowed with magnificent purples, pinks, oranges and yellows,” said Sara.

Given that, guests danced into the early hours of the morning to a combination of Greek and Lebanese music with traditional drummers and dancers. In fact, it was so fun and rowdy, that many of the guests and groomsmen ended up jumping into the pool at the end of the night!RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_12.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_01.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_10.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_09.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_08.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_07.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_06.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_05.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_04.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_03.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_02.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_11.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_13.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_16.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_15.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_14.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_17.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_21.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_20.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_19.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_18.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_22.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_23.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_24.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_25.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_27.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_28.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_29.jpg RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_31 RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_30.jpgRC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_32 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_36 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_35 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_34 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_33RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_37 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_41 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_40 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_39 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_38RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_42 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_43RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_45 RC_Wedding_Sara+Charbel_46

Photography Mitch Pohl | Videography No Limit Pictures | Event Planning + Styling Santorini Glam Weddings | Ceremony Venue Agios Markos, Greek Orthodox Church, Santorini | Reception Venue Periskop Villa, Imerovigli | Catering + Drinks Spicy Bites Catering | Stationery The bride | Flowers Lilies + Lace | Hair Kristy Hennessy | Make-up Napoleon Perdis Artist, Loretta Spinelli | Bridal Gown Peretti Bridal | Bridesmaids’ Dresses Designed by Paco | Suits Montagio Custom Tailoring | Engagement + Wedding Bands Simon’s Jewellery