We love baby showers. And what do we love more than a good baby shower? A baby shower with good games and activities. Yes, they’re going to be a little bit silly, but they can also be a whole lot of fun!

Baby showers are the perfect way to celebrate and welcome new life, as well as a fantastic opportunity to catch up with family and friends and pass on best wishes for the mum-to-be. It’s also a great excuse to put your creative hat on and entertain the guests with some unique ideas that will make your baby shower one to remember.

Take a look at our round-up of fave baby shower activities for you to try! We promise they’ll have your guests giggling and cooing with cuteness!

Image via Chloe’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

1. Design a baby singlet

This creative game is bound to keep your guests busy for a while! Purchase a plain baby singlet or onesie for each guest and supply some craft essentials like paint, sequins, buttons, ribbons, lace, markers and glue. The guests have a chance to get crafty and create a unique singlet for the new bub.Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_04

Left: via The Little Umbrella | Right via A Subtle Revelry

2. Baby Scattergories

The classic favourite that everybody knows—scattergories! The host of the game chooses a letter (maybe the first letter of the baby name if it has been revealed), sets the timer and then guests must fill in the answers until the timer runs out.

Image via Kelly’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

3. Guess the Baby

This game gets everyone guessing! Have each guest bring a photo of themselves as a baby, and have everyone try to guess who’s who!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_06

Image via Chloe’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

4. How Big is the Belly

Give each guest a length string and have them cut the string to how big they think the mum-to-be’s belly is. Wrap around the expecting mum’s belly to see who is closest!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_07

Image via Danielle’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

5. Baby Time Capsule

This activity gets guests thinking before the shower begins! The idea is to provide the baby with a glimpse of society the year they were born. Have everyone bring along an item which represents today’s culture such as a newspaper, a photo, popular music or even a personal letter. Get creative!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_08

Image via Kelly’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

6. D.I.Y alphabet book

Get crafty with a scrapbook and stick a colourful paper letter of the alphabet on each page. The pages can then be decorated by the guests – mum and bub will be reminded of all the creative people in their lives every time it’s opened. Adorable!   Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_09

Image via Alexis’ Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

7. My water broke

Source some mini plastic babies (or use jelly babies) and freeze them into ice cubes. Give each guest an ice cube with their drink and ask them to shout ‘my water broke!’ when their baby has melted away from the ice cube. The first one to free their baby wins!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_10 Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_11

Images via Chloe’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

8. Guess how many lollies

Fill a bottle with lollies, such as small chocolate MnMs or jellybeans and ask your guests to guess how many lollies are inside. The guest who guesses closest to the number wins the bottle!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_12

Image via Danielle’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

9. Guess the baby food

Buy a bunch of baby food jars and remove the labels. Relabel with numbers and ask guests to guess which flavour each of the jars is. The guest who guesses most accurately wins!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_13

Image via Danielle’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine

10. Wishes for Baby + advice for mum

Prepare a ‘wishes for baby’ card and ask your guests to note down some wishes for the little one. It’s sentimental and something special to keep!Blog_tips_BabyShowerGames_14

Images via Chloe’s Baby Shower, HOORAY! Magazine