Bec and Andrew are free-spirited childhood sweethearts. Having both grown up on farms in the Yarra Valley, they share a love of wide-open spaces and adventure. ‘Marriage to us means sharing life’s journey with your best friend and falling in love many times, always with the same person,’ said the couple.

Andrew and Bec’s wedding was a complete reflection of their personalities and style. Bec describes it as a ‘chilled Bali beach bohemian’ wedding, with bare feet, flowing dresses, relaxed tunes, blue skies and piña coladas.

‘Karma Kandara, Uluwatu, Bali is jaw dropping beautiful!’ said Bec. ‘We only looked at the one venue and completely fell in love! The cobbled stone footpaths, the cliff pools, the ocean views of the turquoise water, the caves, the cheeky monkeys and the private beach surround by rainforest…the place is heaven! We were very lucky 45 of our closest family and friends were able to make the trip – intimate but epic!’

As for the stunning bridal gown? Well, Bec actually designed it herself. The final product was an elegant ‘beach boho’ dress that was created using French lace and a flowing silk overlay that was cut up the side to reveal the beautiful patterned lace underneath. It perfectly complimented the venue, the theme and her own personal style.

Allow yourself to get swept away on a blissful, boho, Bali adventure below.RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-01.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-07.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-06.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-05.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-04.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-03.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-02.jpgRC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-08.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-16.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-15.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-14.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-13.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-12.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-10.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-09.jpgRC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-11.jpgRC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-17.jpgRC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-18.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-22.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-21.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-20.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-19.jpgRC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-23.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-27.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-26.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-25.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-24.jpgRC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-28.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-29.jpg RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-30.jpgRC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_31 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_37 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_36 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_35 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_34 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_33 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_32RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_43 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_46 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_45 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_44RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_47 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_52 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_51 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_50 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_49 RC_Wedding_Bec+Andrew_48

Photography Beck Rocchi | Videography Balimetro Wedding Cinematography | Event Planning Karma Kandara | Event Styling Bride | Ceremony Venue Karma Kandara, Uluwatu Reception Venue Karma Kandara | Dress Designed by bride + made locally | Hair Bella Capelli Hair | Makeup Renee Petit | Engagement Ring Ralf Fisch | Wedding Bands Ralf Fisch