This wedding is absolutely irresistible in a totally unconventional way.

The entrepreneurial Ainsley and Sebastien are the dynamic duo behind the Sticks and Stones Agency – originally a fashion agency, and now an online creative destination.

Ainsley and Sebastien ran away and got married in Vegas. And it’s easy to see that they did it for themselves. No formality, no tradition, just pure loved up fun. And that’s what weddings are all about, right?

We don’t know what we love more; Ainsley’s sequin dress, her converse shoes, pink hair, or maybe it’s Sebastien’s beard? Actually, there’s just too much. We love it all.

Running away and getting married in Vegas sounds like quite a cliché elopement, right? But the styling for this one is so eccentric. Elvis makes an appearance, so do colour bombs and they even get matching tattoos! RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_01.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_03.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_02.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_05.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_13.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_11.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_08.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_07.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_14.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_21.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_26 RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_20.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_19.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_15.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_22.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_26.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_25.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_24.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_23.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_28.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_27.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_27 RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_28 RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_33.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_30.jpg RC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_321.jpgRC_Wed_AinsleySebastien_25Styling: Sticks and Stones Agency | Photography: Janneke Storm | Ceremony Venue: Graceland Chapel | Bride’s Dress: Alex Mearing | Bride’s Shoes: Converse | Bride’s Jewellery: The 2 Bandits | Underwear: Beach Riot | Hair” Ashlyn Buchi | Make Up” Jessica Cook | Groom’s Attire” ASOS | Groom’s Hat: Lack of Color