This wedding throws all the rules out the window. Instead, Steph and Simon focused their big day on fun, friends and good food—sans the stress of a more traditional wedding.

Say hello to Steph and Simon. Steph works in Marketing and Sim in Communications—they both moved to Melbourne to find themselves about four years ago, but ended up finding each other instead.

The couple say, ‘Our style all revolved around having a stress-free wedding with fantastic vendors and the best friends and family a pair could ask for.’

They add, ‘once we had broken a couple of rules we decided to throw them all out of the window. It was all about the food—good food trumped a sit down seating plan with a ‘help yourself buffet’ of the best smoked meats, mac and cheese and slaw.’

One of the couple’s best mates made their ceremony official, which the couple say was ‘the best decision we ever made’. They also had no cake or official bridal party duties.

In another rule-breaking bend, Steph and Simon opted to be at the reception before their guests to greet them all as they came in.

The couple say, ‘they weren’t expecting it and it was a chance to thank each individual for coming. It was lovely!’

And to finish the night off? Steph and Simon add, ‘we ditched the speeches for good honest conversation with all our guests and danced the night away!’
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