This may be one of the sweetest bridal showers we’ve ever seen—seriously; can you believe that grazing table jam-packed with sugary goodness? We wouldn’t mind a treat (or ten!). The pavlova stack looks pretty damn delicious too…

A backdrop of tropical greenery sets the scene for this special celebration, with a lush branch of frangipanis hanging high above the festivities.

On the florals, Danielle of Him & Her Events says, ‘Brisbane’s streets are lined with lush frangipani trees, and I don’t think I’m the only one who gets lost in their beauty. However, in the land of weddings, frangipani has become a very dirty word. Who can blame us when we remember the frangipani craze of the early 2000s? I couldn’t deny their beauty, especially when kept in their natural form and surrounded by green foliage. They are so spectacular that I made a decision to bring frangipanis back!’

‘Several weeks later I teamed up with floral extraordinaire, Aurora Floral Studio, to bring our concept to life. We decided to suspend a full lush branch of frangipanis from her studio ceiling and style the space around the beautiful pink ombre flowers nestled amongst the greenery.’

Enjoy all the pictures from this super sweet bridal soiree below!Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_01Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_05 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_06Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_08Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_09Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_13 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_15 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_16Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_12 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_17Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_21 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_23Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_25 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_29 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_27 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_26Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_31Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_34 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_39 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_37 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_36Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_43 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_46 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_45 Blog_Bridal-Shower-Inspiration_Bride-Tribe_44

Photographer: Judric Photography, Styling & Coordination: Him & Her Events, Floral Styling: Aurora Floral Studio, Cake & Desserts: Hansel & Gretel Cakes, Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Case, Stationery: September Creative, Gowns: Ginger & Gold, Jewellery: Molten Store, Furniture Hire: Lovestruck Weddings, Flatware: Gold Wedding Hire, Nails: Jamberry,  Robes and Pyjamas: Silk Orchid