As soon as Veronica’s sister-in-law found out Veronica was pregnant, she rounded up her other sister to plan the ultimate Moroccan baby shower. They were initially inspired by Poppy Delevingne’s ‘Moroccan-themed wedding’,  so they went on the hunt for material to develop a similar theme for a baby soirée.

‘My sister-in-law and sister put so much time and love into my baby shower; I was so overwhelmed and grateful. They are both incredibly creative and it all showed on the day,’ Veronica said.

The styling was based on a modern Moroccan theme, with a colour palette of cream, light shades of pink and a hint of metallic. Every item brought in on the day was well thought out, from the Moroccan wedding poufs to the Moroccan glasses and tea tables. Lots of pillows and textures were also used to style the space and help bring the theme to life, while fresh blooms and even hookahs were used to finish off the design.

‘The ‘thank you gift’ for guests was an incredible market that was set up to offer them everything from Moroccan inspired jewellery, to soaps, spices, dried flowers and even hand painted cookies. Guests were able to grab a calligraphed brown paper bag which had different versions of ‘Thank you, Baby Camila’ imprinted on them. They could then fill it with all of the goodies from the market – it was such a special touch to the day,’ Veronica said.

Although the girls bought and sourced most of the décor for the baby shower, they put in a little more effort when they sent out their invitations – mostly because they knew first impressions would last. They were printed in silver and then placed inside a brown paper bag, along with a bunch of dried flowers. The brown bags were then calligraphed with the guest’s name and address, and placed in a clear cellophane bag for protection.

‘The invitations created by my sisters were absolutely beautiful; I’ll never forget them and all of the hard work they took to make,’ Veronica said.

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