Nothing fills our souls quite like a spur-of-the-moment picnic with our closest companions. Today we bring you a spring picnic unfolding amongst the wildflowers, imbued with spring-inspired pastels, rustic textures and laid-back vibes…

If the sun is shining and it’s not too hot out, we suggest rounding up your nearest and dearest, cooking some easy-to-eat snacks and taking your celebration outdoors.

Head to your local park, a secret garden or flowery meadow, find a soft grassy spot and lay down a swathe of mix-matched fabrics and picnic rugs. Handpick some local blooms and loosely arrange them amongst your picnic spread.

Then, dig into your spring-inspired menu, kick back and enjoy!HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_04HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_10 HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_03HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_18 HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_12HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_02 HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_01HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_08 HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_06HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_22 HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_25HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_11 HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_09HOORAY_Spring-Picnic_07


Photography: Hannah Blackmore | Styling: Olivia Blackmore | Recipes: Sarah Jane Hallett