In celebration of Summer’s first year in the world, the lucky birthday girl was treated to a ‘Wild One‘ party infused with tropical styling references.

Taking inspiration from Summer’s name, the birthday girl’s mum, Eva, went with a summery theme, infusing the celebration with tropical greenery and palm frond motifs.

We love a celebration that breaks the rules – and this one certainly ignores the stereotypical baby girls’ colourway! Eva instead opted for a colour palette of mint, blue, white and accents of metallic silver for the birthday bash, pushing the stereotypical pink and pastel colour palette to the side.

The centrepiece of the celebration was a spectacular balloon arch enveloping the dessert table, abundant with balloons in shades of mint and white.

Eva’s one piece of advice for other party planners is, ‘blowing up that many balloons is a lot of hard work and I would definitely recommend getting lots of help!’

But it seems it was well worth it – Eva says her fave moment from the day was ‘seeing Summer’s little face light up when she saw the balloons!’

Enjoy all the images from Summer’s first birthday below!
HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_22HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_33HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_06 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_01 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_03HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_05 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_04HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_07 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_09 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_10HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_11 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_12 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_13HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_15 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_14HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_16 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_17 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_18HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_26 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_29HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_31 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_32 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_38HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_40 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_41HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_45 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_49HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_53 HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_52HOORAY_Brisbane-Tropical-1st-Birthday-Party_39

Photography: Soda Weddings | Event Planning, Styling + Decor: Foreva Events | Floral Styling by Stylised | Location: Brisbane, Australia | Venue: Private Residence | Guest list: 30 guests | Cake:  Hansel & Gretel Cakes | Stationery: Pretty Palm Tree

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