Sometimes less really is more—and when it comes to wedding stationery, we’re loving the revival of understated, classic designs. Think; suites bold in their minimalism, yet refined in their detail.

Your wedding stationery suite provides the first glimpse into your wedding for your invited guests. When setting the scene for your impending nuptials, a design of timeless simplicity will never date and set a sophisticated tone for the festivities to follow.

After hunting through works from the top stationery artists across the globe, we’ve uncovered our top picks for designers that have mastered the art of restraint, using white space, elegant typefaces and luxe paper stocks in perfect harmony to create a sense of timeless romance.

For the classically-inclined drawn to a refined aesthetic, see our full edit below.

Emily LaurenHOORAY_Classic-Wedding-Stationery-Australia_02Paige Tuzee HOORAY_Classic-Wedding-Stationery-Australia_08

Sketch and EtchHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery1 - Sketch and Etch

Beverley and York HOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery2 - Beverley and YorkPaper Weight DesignHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery15 - Paper Weight DesignConfetti Edition by Danger and MoonHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery4 - Confetti Edition by Danger and MoonHighlane CreativeHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery5 - Highlane-Creative

Invited By NardHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery6 - Invited_Classica04_web

Tropica WeddingsHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery7 - Tropica Weddings

Personally InvitedHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery8 - Personally Invited

Fox and MaeHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery12 - Fox and Mae

Deliver StudioHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery13 - Deliver Studio

Chi BorelloHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery14 - Chi Borello

Pretty Palm TreeClassic-Romantic-2-Pretty-Palm-Tree

Paper Paper Co HOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery16 - Paper Paper Co

Graceline ArtHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery19 - Jenny Sanders

Lucas and CoHOORAY_Classic-Romantic-Wedding-Stationery20 - Bridal Musings