To say that we’re completely obsessed with this book would be a total understatement.

Many of you would be well aware of our obsession with both flowers and cocktails; so a book combining two of our absolute favourite things is like all of our Christmases coming at once!

The Cocktail Garden features an array of cocktail creations inspired by botanical flavours – think fragrant blossoms, fruits, herbs and vegetables all working together to add complexity and a very special touch to your favourite cocktail!

This baby is brimming with jaw-droppingly beautiful illustrations by internationally acclaimed illustrator Adriana Picker. Each page is filled with intricate details and is simply stunning to absorb.

The Cocktail Garden features over 80 recipes crafted by cocktail master Ed Loveday, who has spiked his creations with seasonal flavours found in the garden. You’ll find an amazing array of ideas from using raspberries and rich figs to citrus and white peaches plus infusions using a riot of herbs including basil and thyme, sage and lavender.

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Good luck! xx HOORAY!HOORAY_The-Cocktail-Garden_Ed-Loveday_Adriana-Picker_01HOORAY_The-Cocktail-Garden_Ed-Loveday_Adriana-Picker_03HOORAY_The-Cocktail-Garden_Ed-Loveday_Adriana-Picker_02HOORAY_The-Cocktail-Garden_Ed-Loveday_Adriana-Picker_04 HOORAY_The-Cocktail-Garden_Ed-Loveday_Adriana-Picker_06