As any seasoned HOORAY! reader will know, we’re forever coveting all that shimmers and shines.

We believe there is something intrinsically enticing about the idea of shimmying into a sheath of glitter. When an item of clothing has the ability to make you literally shine, how could you possibly pass it up?

Whether you’re dressing as a bride, bridesmaid, wedding guest or headed to any other event under the sun, sequins are a choice sure to make a statement!

However, the idea of styling such a statement piece can seem a little intimidating. To help you shine in a sparkling ensemble, we’ve teamed up with Shona Joy to compile a list of tips and tricks to help you nail your shimmering look.

1. Pare back the accessories

Let your gown be the centre of attention by keeping the other elements of your outfit minimal.

Consider selecting a bag and shoes in simple classic shapes—nothing intricate is necessary here. Classic colours such as white and nude will work best when pairing with sparkles.How-To-Style-a-glittering-gown_44

2. Opt for soft, natural makeup

When wearing a dazzling dress, the best makeup pairing is one that lets the gown be the talking point.

This is your opportunity to test out one of those stunning lit-from-within makeup looks you’ve been seeing all over Instagram.

Showcase beautiful skin with a warming hint of bronzer and blushing cheeks perfect for that summer glow.

Leave behind your smokey eye kit and eyeliner and turn to a palette of warm neutrals to open and brighten your eyes. A final touch with a subtle swipe of muted lip gloss will complete the look.Line-breakHow-To-Style-a-glittering-gown_37 How-To-Style-a-glittering-gown_53Line-break

3. Undone hair is glitter’s best friend

Let imperfection be the key word when it comes to your hairstyle in a sequinned gown.

Nothing too polished is required when your outfit already tells the world you are headed somewhere special. Try some easy-going beach waves or a romantic updo to nail that free-spirited vibe.


4. Pair with touch-me fabrics for the perfect fashion twist

Playing with texture is always a good idea in styling an eye-catching outfit. Use your accessories to mix up the fabrics and feels in your styling.

Including velvet can add a touch of luxe, while leather has the power to toughen up any outfit. Switching things up in this department is the perfect way to customise a look and let you feel like you.How-To-Style-a-glittering-gown_40

5. Ensure the perfect fit

The key to nailing easy-going elegance in sequins is selecting a fit that slips and slides over the body, as opposed to clinging too much to it.

Try out a range of different sizes and shapes to see which works best for you and your body. In no time at all, you’ll be feeling every bit of the fun and romance you’d dreamed of.

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6. Less is more when it comes to jewellery

Adorn yourself with jewellery sparingly when wearing a high shine outfit.

While piling all your best jewels and gem may seem appealing, we’d recommend skipping them this time, as your glittering get-up will take care of all the glitz and glam you need.

Paring your jewellery back to only a couple of delicate pieces, if any, will let you look more shining star and less disco ball.


Hoping to get your hands of one of these lustrous gowns? Head over to the Shona Joy Wedding Edit for these and many more awe-inspiring styles.