Issue 12



Product Description

Issue 12 is brimming with only the sweetest inspiration for your next soiree! Inside you’ll find a lavish style guide for the perfect ladies luncheon, a recipe spread of kitsch Italian eats and tips for hosting one helluva housewarming party. Karen Rose chats about the history and revival of the Tuppaware party, while Celina Siriyos writes a heartfelt love letter to the doughnut. Warm up with our women’s guide to whisky, delve into the decadent world of pie making, and get crafty with our super easy floral DIY. As usual, there’s also a whole heap of real celebrations to check out, including the cutest flamingo-themed 1st birthday party and our HOORAY! Mother’s Day breakfast. Illustrated by Dawn Tan

Additional Information

Weight 720 kg
Dimensions 300 x 12 x 215 cm