Issue 2


Rik Lee and his tattooed bride, packing a picnic, brides, blooms and body art, love through the ages and au natural beauty treatments.

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After the success of our first born, Issue 1. We’ve been dying to show you all our second baby, Issue 2. Once again, we start with the guest illustrator who drew the babe on the cover and everything inside, Rik Lee. Rik was born in New Zealand, lived in Melbourne and now in Bali and we’re super pumped to be sharing this artist with you! We’re also super excited to be sharing our very first ‘he said, he said’ to celebrate New Zealand’s announcement earlier this year to legalise same sex marriage. We’re proud as punch of our neighbours achievement. We have a bit of a spiel on wedding etiquette (because peeps tend to forget it’s important), chat about awkward wedding situations and feature the love stories of three different couples that found love and journeyed to Australia for a better life. All of which, might we add, have been married for 50+ years! Wowzers. There’s a piece on wedding dress designer Rachel Gilbert, an interview with the Style Co’s founder Marie Cruz de Vera and we ponder over whether a lady should keep her name when she gets hitched. And this is just the beginning! Issue 2 is a visual feast of weddings, ideas and DIY tips and tricks that will even go as far to impress people who aren’t getting married as well as people that have never been to a wedding in their life! We love it and we hope you do too x

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