In search of a Sydney-based photographer and videographer team full of soul? Let us introduce you to Angus Porter by DKC.

The frames speak for themselves. In browsing through Angus Porter by DKC’s portfolio, we found ourselves transfixed by a series ‘feel good’ frames – full of colour, spirit and authenticity… so much so, that we almost felt as though we were there!

Behind the lens, you’ll find Daniel Cheng. He loves shooting all types of weddings – particularly those full of cultural traditions; they’re his jam.

Whether it’s through photography or videography (or both!), Angus Porter by DKC gives newlyweds meaningful memories so that they may fall in love with each other again and again.

Sound like a good fit? Reach out and enquire about your date. HOORAY_Angus-Porter-Sydney-Wedding-Photography32

Meet Angus Porter by DKC

“Is this what you want?

A dedicated team that has the experience and insight to guide you through the process so that you can get married with minimal stress?

A photographer and videographer who knows how to make you look and feel great without tedious posing?

A professional team with a great reputation so that you don’t have to experience the disappointment and frustration of hiring a dud?

And to receive a curated selection of meaningful moments so that you may enjoy and relive each moment without having to trawl through hundreds and thousands of images?”


To contact Angus Porter by DKC, email Daniel at [email protected]