If you’re a Canberra-based bloom lover, you’re going to *adore* the whimsical creations of Barton Flower Bar.

Based in Barton, Canberra, Barton Flower Bar offers everything from daily fresh bouquets to custom blooms for weddings and events.

At Barton Flower Bar no two arrangements are ever the same, with the talented creatives behind the brand always working to push the artistic boundaries of floral design.

Want to see your floral fantasies come to life? It’s easy, just get in touch with Barton Flower Bar via [email protected].HOORAY!-Barton-Flower-Bar04

Meet Barton Flower Bar

Barton Flower Bar, initially designed to liven up a Grocer has grown into a thriving retail space since it opened its doors in 2016. Offering fresh bespoke bouquets for delivery Monday through Friday, no arrangement is ever the same. Customers have the option of ordering online or via the phone but many choose to visit, peruse the flower stand and get involved in the process. Hence the “Flower Bar”.

We also specialize in wedding and event work, particularly given our location within the Parliamentary Triangle. We are a popular choice for corporate functions and gala dinners. Weekends are filled with glorious creations for our wedding couples, we tailor everything individually, no package deals here.

Nothing beats a hanging installation or a random request to get our creative juices flowing, did I mention that we love spray paint?!

We are a small team of florists, mostly mums, who adore flowers and each other!!


If you would like to contact Barton Flower, reach out and say hello at [email protected] or call 0499 600 996.