Is it just us, or is there something in the water over in Perth, Western Australia? Almost every one we discover hailing from the west-side of Australia seems to be rich with unrivalled talent, an abundance of creativity (…and an extra dose of awesomeness for good measure!)

And when it comes to Perth photography talent, Ben and Ebony are right on the top of our list for the photographers we’d choose to work with. Hell, we’d even fly them across the globe to shoot our wedding if we could!

Their style is totally real, raw and honest. They wouldn’t dare put you through cheesy and awkward poses; instead, they let the underlying beauty of your wedding, the authenticity of the connection with your partner, and the vibe of the day speak for themselves in a series of stunning frames.

Love them as much as we do? Reach out and say hello – they’d love to hear from you!HOORAY_Ben-And-Ebony_Perth_Wedding_Photography33HOORAY_Ben-And-Ebony_Perth_Wedding_Photography34

Meet Ben and Ebony

We are a photography and videography duo hanging out in Perth and exploring the great south of Western Australia whenever we have the opportunity. There is nothing we love more than letting all your epic moments unfold in front of us. We are here for your story, wanting to capture it in its most real and authentic form.

Being your chief dress/veil/bouquet carrier, getting rid of spider webs for you (usually by accidentally walking through them), bringing you food and water (*wine*), finding you five seconds of quiet before you walk out the door and nodding across the room when your favourite song comes on are some of our fave little bits. But ultimately we just adore finding the best moments to allow you and your loved ones to be “you”.


To contact Ben and Ebony, email