No one captures raw emotions quite like Darin Collison. This Melbourne photographer zeros in on the small moments that might otherwise go unseen; using a series of stunning frames to tell a bigger love story.

Darin takes a photojournalistic approach to shooting weddings, unobtrusively documenting each moment as it naturally unfolds. Incredibly intimate and exuding with emotion, one scroll through Darin Collison’s portfolio will leave you lost in his talent.

If you’re looking for a photographer to document your love story, we’d highly recommend you get in touch! HOORAY_Darin-Collison-Photography-Melbourne05HOORAY_Darin-Collinson_Melbourne_Australian_Wedding_Photographer23HOORAY_Darin-Collinson_Melbourne_Australian_Wedding_Photographer26

Meet Darin Collison Photography

I shoot weddings with a fine art, photojournalistic approach. I’m motivated by storytelling. Inspired by street photographing. Excited to not just capture moments, but to create great images out of them.

My work is raw and evocative. The beauty of the images comes from the emotion of the day – the humour, the depth of feeling, the involvement of all. I love to create great portraits, but want to be a storyteller first and foremost.


To contact Darin Collison, email [email protected]