Three words we would use to describe Flos Botanical Studio? If we had to choose, we’d pick ‘imaginative’, ‘surprising’ and ‘thoughtful’.

This Melbourne-based floristry studio focuses on seasonal artisan blooms, creating floral masterpieces bespoke for each and every client.

When flicking through Flos’ gallery, it’s hard not to get lost amongst the stunning array of bouquets, hanging installations and archways – all created with a keen eye for detail and a strong focus on nuanced colour pallets, textures and compositions.

Flos Botanical Studios’ work is immersive and emotive, creating a space to be experienced rather than traditional ornamental floristry.

If you’re in Victoria and in need of some breathtaking florals for your wedding or next event, we highly recommend reaching out to the talented creatives at Flos Botanical Studio. You won’t be disappointed!HOORAY-Flos-Botanical-Studio-Melbourne-Florist24HOORAY-Flos-Botanical-Studio-Melbourne-Florist43HOORAY-Flos-Botanical-Studio-Melbourne-Florist27

Photography by Tori and Sal (first row), Bobby and Tide, (second row), Jason Grant (third row).   

Meet Flos Botanical Studio

Flos is a Melbourne Event floristry studio that focuses on seasonal artisan blooms that celebrate the locally grown and make the most of our seasons. The fragrant, the delicate and unexpected.

Lead by floral designer Vivien Hollingsworth with a background in fine art, Flos’ Approach has a design lead focus with bespoke, imaginative and creative approach the event floristry.


To contact the team at Flos Botanical Studio, email [email protected]