When a photographer shoots with heart, their captures become more than just mere images; they become reflections of your relationship, your personality and the unique love shared with your partner.

Do we sound like we’re being a little soppy and dramatic? Well, we might if you’re unfamiliar with Heart and Colour’s work, so we suggest you have a scroll through their portfolio, and then you’ll see exactly what we mean!

Putting people and relationships at the centre of their art, Heart and Colour’s frames explode with authentic emotion. They expertly capture honest reflections of couples in a series of timeless frames.

Heart and Colour are based on the Gold Coast of Queensland,  Australia, but are available to travel anywhere and are always up for an adventure!

If you’re looking for a photographer full of heart and soul, all of us here at HOORAY! would highly recommend you get in touch. HOORAY_Heart-And-Colour_Queensland_Wedding-Photographer05HOORAY_Heart-And-Colour_Queensland_Wedding-Photographer18

Meet Heart and Colour

We tell stories of people in their realest moments…. their stories burst with heart and colour.

We’ve fallen in love with the magic that we see in front of us. It’s more than taking great photos. It’s about documenting the story. The journey. The heart. Magic.


To contact Heart and Colour, email [email protected]