He is Celebrant Sam, ladies and gentleman. A young and hip celebrant that provides a fresh and modern take on an old tradition.

Sam is a Brisbane-based celebrant that understands what a younger generation wants in a wedding. That means you won’t find any overdone clichés here. Instead, Sam tailors each of his ceremonies to reflect the unique style of the couple.

Well regarded for his relaxed, fun and humble vibe, Sam is the perfect celebrant that will give you a smooth and stress-free experience. His ceremonies are laid back and easy-going, but without lack of a composed and well-considered approach.

If you’re in search for celebrant that is totally not run-of-the-mill, then look no further because Sam is your man.HOORAY_I-Am-Celebrant-Sam-Queensland-Brisbane-Celebrant16

Meet Celebrant Sam

“I’m Sam, a young and unique celebrant that’s here to provide a more laid back and modern take on a tradition as old as they come.

I pride myself on understanding what the newer generation of couple’s are looking for in their wedding day. Something personal, engaging, entertaining, funny and casual, something that won’t leave them or their family and friends bored and counting the seconds till the reception.

I’m all about designing the ceremony to be exactly what the couple are looking for and working with them to get it just right. I’m not there to preach to anyone about love and marriage, I’m there to help my couples celebrate their big day.”


To contact Sam, email celebrantsam@outlook.com