We are situated at the gateway to the South West Region of Western Australia, just one-and-a-half hours from the heart of beautiful Perth City.

Mornington Springs is nestled on 160 acres in the Shire of Harvey WA,  with a panorama of the surrounding forest and its magical beauty.  The property will inspire you to create an unforgettable wedding with family and friends and you will have a lifetime of memories to treasure in these beautiful, quiet surroundings.

We bought our property many years ago with a view to getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet being close enough to Perth at the same time ready for another busy week.  The result of finding this beautiful piece of nature was many family getaways with close friends and many memories to cherish.

The  other result of this time spent at our lovely property was that our daughter wanted to get married here, and having had the most beautiful experience with our daughter’s wedding at Mornington Springs, we realised that other couples could also enjoy our slice of heaven on their wedding day too.

There’s nothing better than nature as a photography backdrop and our Facebook and Instagram page say it all – your wedding pics will blow you away, with ample  natural surrounding forest views (and the sounds of nature) as your canvas.

Mornington Springs’ features include:

 – 160 acres of stunning and peaceful natural surroundsOne and a half hours from Perth CBD

 – One and a half hours from Perth CBD

 – Built in handmade furniture for your wedding day

 – Fully equipped chalet that sleeps 8 people to let out

 – Bibulman Walk Trail and Mundibidi bike track near byHarvey cheese factory, local produce for your wedding day

 – Harvey cheese factory, local produce for your wedding day

 – Wineries

With Mornington Springs, you can create whatever you want for your wedding day and have it all to yourself to set up and have a wonderful day.Mornington-Springs_04