…and just when we thought cakes couldn’t get any prettier, we discovered Pastel and Bloom!

This Melbourne-based dessert artist has a talent for crafting seriously swoon-worthy cakes and sweet treats. A quick browse through the images of Pastel and Bloom‘s creations had the whole HOORAY! team craving one of her delectable designs (you’ve been warned!).

Each cake is a unique bespoke design by Vanessa; a true artwork in its own right. Whether you’re after a cake for a wedding, birthday, engagement party, Baptism or heck – even just for the sake of it – Pastel and Bloom will create a bespoke design to match the theme of your festivities.

Looking for a passionate cake artist with creative flair? The HOORAY! team would highly recommend Pastel and Bloom!HOORAY_Pastel-And-Bloom-Cakes-Dessert42

Meet Vanessa

I started my cake journey in 2009 – by accident really!

My sister-in-law had given birth to her first beautiful cherub, Ava, and her birthday was soon approaching. I had no idea what to get her. I soon came across cake decorating classes in our area and thought – what a lovely idea… To get a new Mummy out of the house once a week for just a few hours.

I soon become completely enthralled in the world of cake, enrolling in decorating classes around Melbourne.

My obsession with flowers started well before that though… I had to have fresh flowers in the house at all times, marvelling in their ability to brighten up any room, and my mood!

So once I had really began to sink my teeth into cakes, I decided to enrol into floristry school. Bringing those two passions together created what Pastel and Bloom is today.

Meet Pastel and Bloom

Pastel and Bloom embodies all that we love in cake and floral form. And with this ever-growing industry, we strive to create new and exciting designs that are not only amazing on the outside but taste amazing too!

Every cake creation is customised specifically for each client and their event. We love how each creation can be a reflection of the celebration and as unique as the client it was made for.


To contact the team at Pastel and Bloom, email [email protected]