Looking for a photographer with an adventurous spirit? Let us introduce you to a Sydney-based photographer by the name of Philippa Enid.

Her style is oh-so effortlessly gorgeous. Think: equal parts romantic and vibrant, with a healthy dose of quirk thrown in for good measure.

We know it’s easy to feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. As Philippa tells us, she won’t put you through anything ‘awkward or weird’, instead, she’ll make sure you feel relaxed, at ease and totally comfortable in front of the lens (and even enjoy having your photos taken!).

The results will be a series of frames that paint an authentic picture of your day. Stunning captures that you can look back on in years to come, and instantly be brought back to the moment of your wedding day.

That’s a big tick of approval from all of us here at HOORAY! Sound like a match for you too? Send Philippa an email – she’d love to hear from you! HOORAY_Philippa-Enid_Sydney_Wedding_Photograper19

Meet Philippa Enid

I take photos of loved-up people. I aim to capture that real love for you. Nothing weird or awkward… I want you to actually enjoy having your photo taken!


To contact Philippa, email [email protected]