We’ve found an exquisite Melbourne-based cake designer that we just had to share with you! Their lust-worthy creations have our mouths watering.

With incredible attention to detail, it’s clear that Something About Cake pours plenty of passion into every single cake. We love their creations, especially the cascading flowers and textured butter cream cakes.

Something About Cake goes above and beyond to make any vision come to life. There is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to their designs or flavours. Some of their luscious flavours include cherry ripe, orange Jaffa, marble mud, tangy citrus and coconut.

Get in touch with Something About Cake if you’re looking to make your cake dreams a reality.HOORAY_Something-About-Cakes18

Meet Something About Cake

Something About Cake is a proudly Melbourne owned and run business by Fiona Rose. It is your world of designer cakes and artistic creations for every and all occasions.

Growing up, Fiona came from a wealth of inspiration spending hours upon hours growing up by her Italian grandmother and mother’s side in the kitchen, watching, learning and making together. It’s a passion that has never dwindled and the past ten years have been dedicated to working in the industry and finessing her work, resulting in clients who keep coming back for more.

Each and every cake that Fiona creates comes from a place of love and truth – she adores creating connections with each of her clients to ensure they are receiving their absolute dream cake, and thrives on the creative ideation process of bringing their ideas to life.

When working with Something About Cake, rest assured, no two creations are ever the same and Fiona continues to build on her skills every day, challenging herself and her clients to think outside of the box and build a creation together that is perfectly suited to them and their event.

Fiona is a true artist in every sense of the word, her work displays her passion, her thoughtfulness and her love and care for everything she does – her canvas just happens to be edible!


To contact Something About Cake, email somethingaboutcake@gmail.com.