We are so excited to introduce you to long-time HOORAY! fave, Suzanne Harward.

This well-renowned haute couture label creates whimsical gowns perfect for the bride or party-goer that isn’t afraid to step out in something more unique than your average cookie cutter gown.

The label’s attention to detail is truly unmatched, with each piece being crafted in-house under the watchful eye of founder Suzanne.

We just can’t get enough of these chic designs – and we know you’re going to love them too!

Take a peek at the images below from their collection ‘The Futurist’ and bask in the beauty of these exquisite, contemporary gowns.HOORAY!-Suzanna-Harward08HOORAY!-Suzanna-Harward10

Meet Suzanne Harward

Australian owned avant-garde fashion designer, Suzanne Harward has grown over four decades to establish itself as one of the most renowned haute couture labels, creating exquisite couture gowns for all special occasions.

Established in 1975, Suzanne Harward has maintained her humble beginnings with all gowns proudly designed and handmade in their design studio located locally in Melbourne, Australia. Suzanne’s talent has secured her spot as one of Australia’s finest fashion pioneers and is Australia’s first haute couture design house that is still in operation to this date.

Her attention to detail ensures all gowns are made in-house under her expert guidance to create unique stunning pieces. Using premium exquisite fabrics sourced from the finest mills around the world, Suzanne’s intricate handmade haute couture and couture gowns are created for fashion-forward brides, red carpet events or private commissions, leaving each individual feeling remarkable, her most recent collection ‘Futurist’ being no exception.

Being a master of her craft and known for her expertise in the female silhouette, Suzanne Harward has grasped the perfect fit with her unsurpassed skills in couture corsetry. Using the finest quality in luxurious textiles and complex couture construction techniques. Specialising in luxury gowns, Suzanne Harwood has marked her place as Australia’s premier couture wedding dress designer.

Creating both timeless yet contemporary gowns with each individual design, Suzanne Harward anticipates the future while celebrating the past. Being a true creative visionary, the premium wedding dress designer from Melbourne stocks an array of accessories and wedding dresses online in Australia, which is also purchasable through the website.


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