Hayley and Luke met through mutual friends 10 years ago but waited five years until they began seeing each other. They approached each other cautiously, as they wanted to be extra sure, so it was slow to start. However, once they committed to the relationship, things progressed quite quickly for them.

They moved in together after a year and four years later Luke proposed to Hayley on a Saturday afternoon in a restaurant after a long, boozy lunch. Hayley and Luke were adamant that they were going to do things differently.

‘Weddings are often very formulaic or same-same.  You know what you are in for when you see the invite.  Finding the right location was difficult, and we were really pleased when we found Fairground FolliesFairground Follies is a museum of antique music machines and fairground equipment housed in a gigantic warehouse.  Its hard to describe – you really need to see it’ said Luke.

The couple wanted their event to be as much as a party as a wedding. To keep things more casual, they decided against designated seating and instead let their guests decided where they would sit.

There was also a number of different food stations scattered around the venue that were serving different food like dumplings, slides, fish and noodles. Their guests could either serve themselves or have a caterer bring the food to them.

The couple were also fortunate enough to have some of their musician friends agree to sing on the day. Donny Benet was in charge of the music, whilst Jack Ladder, Isabella Manfredi (The Preatures), Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) and Spod got up and sang.

Hayley and Luke are hands-down one of the coolest couples you’ll ever (virtually) meet. The couple tied the knot with a wedding that’s spunky and stylish and ALL kinds of fun.RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_01.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_07.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_06.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_05.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_04.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_03.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_02.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_08.jpgRC_Wed_HayleyLuke_09.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_13.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_12.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_11.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_10.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_18.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_17.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_16.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_15.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_14.jpgRC_Wed_HayleyLuke_19.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_25.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_24.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_23.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_22.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_21.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_20.jpgRC_Wed_HayleyLuke_26.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_37.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_36.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_35.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_34.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_33.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_32.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_31.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_30.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_29.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_28.jpg RC_Wed_HayleyLuke_27.jpg

Photographer Lara Hotz |Videography Saik Productions  | Stop motion Studio Stop Motion | Ceremony + Reception Venue Fairground Follies  |Celebrant Nitza Lowenstein | Catering, Drinks + Cake Gastronomy | Florist Holly HipwellDJ Donny Benet | Hair + Make-up Kimberly Forbes | Bridal Gown Serpent & the Swan | Bridal Jacket Theory |  Brides Shoes Alice & Olivia | Suits Crane Brothers | Engagement Ring Michele Varain