Gemma and James met while working together at a London restaurant. After work drinks were very commonplace, but one night the pair found themselves staying back together until 4 am!

Things progressed quickly and eventually, while in Melbourne for Gemma’s birthday, James proposed!

The venue was one of the most important aspects of Gemma and James’ wedding. They picked Perth City Farm because of the simplicity of the space, the large ceilings, and the gardens.

‘We wanted the evening to be the best dinner party, with lots of dancing afterwards. The barn’s ceiling height meant that from the beginning Jane (from Ivy Flowers) and I discussed ceiling arrangements for dramatic effect,’ said Gemma.

The large ceiling arrangements also meant they had minimal flowers on the tables, with enough room so that they could be filled with platters of food and drinks.

The hanging arrangements were made up of Jasmine Blossom and a variety of branches, while the table arrangements were a mix of Hydrangeas, Freesias, Hyacinths and Daisies.

Gemma and James aren’t fans of a ‘matchy’ aesthetic and decided to keep the styling modest, yet stimulating. They both had a clear vision of what they wanted and looked to each other for a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ when making decisions.

‘I think this helped keep it simple, which is exactly what we wanted!’ said Gemma.

If you’re after a modest wedding with a touch of ‘wow’, then this one is for you – not the mention the ceiling arrangements are pretty kick arse too!RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_01.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_05.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_04.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_03.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_02.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma-James_06.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_11.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_10.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_08.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_07.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_13.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_12.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma-James_15.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_17.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_16.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma-James_18.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_22.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_21.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_20.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_19.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_25.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma+James_36 RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_23.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma-James_27.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma-James_28.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_34.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_33.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_31.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_30.jpg RC_Wedding_Gemma-James_29.jpgRC_Wedding_Gemma+James_35 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_52 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_51 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_50 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_49 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_48 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_47 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_46 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_45 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_44 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_43 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_42 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_41 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_40 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_39 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_38 RC_Wedding_Gemma+James_37Photography CJ Williams | Event Planning Bride and Groom | Event Styling Her Handpicked Harvest, Perth Party Hire + Bride and Groom | Ceremony Venue Perth City Farm | Celebrant Shannon FlemingReception Venue Perth City Farm | Catering + Drinks Bride, Groom + Friends | Stationery Paper Heart | Florist Ivy Flowers | Hair Wedding BellesMakeup Milla Makeup | Bridal Gown Rachel Gilbert | Bride’s Shoes Jane DebsterGroom’s Suit SABA | Groom’s Shoes Reiss | Engagement Ring Erica WeinerWedding Bands Simpsons + Erica Weiner