Cat and Tommy met at a pub in Camden, London. Cat was there to see Tommy’s band perform, and afterwards she decided to book them to play at a festival she was organising in Devon. Cat was in a relationship at the time, but her and Tommy became friends.

Years later, they both realised they had strong feelings for each other and soon after, moved in together.

Since then, they’ve planned a festival together, adopted a kitten and invested in their first place as husband and wife in London.

Cat describes her décor theme as a ‘vintage tea party’ with hints of shabby chic.

They used a colour palette of blues, mainly focusing on powder blue and royal blue as they represented the vintage Wedgewood hues that originally inspired the scheme.RC_Wed_CatTommy_01.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_07.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_06.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_05.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_04.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_03.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_02.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_08.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_09.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_10.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_11.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_12.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_13.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_16.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_15.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_14.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_17.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_18.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_22.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_21.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_20.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_19.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_27.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_26.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_25.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_24.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_23.jpgRC_Wed_CatTommy_28.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_31.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_30.jpg RC_Wed_CatTommy_29.jpg

Photography Ed Godden | Ceremony Venue St Michael’s, Ilsington | Reception Venue Buckland House | Wedding Cake Choccywoccydoodah |  Florist Simply Flowers |  Bridal Gown Ronald Joyce | Bridesmaid’s Dresses Jacques Vert | Bride’s Shoes Jimmy Choo | Suits Reiss |  Engagement Ring Tiffany Richards