Andrea’s surprise 40th birthday party was a super-chic occasion with a feminine, tea party theme. A sublime colour palette of white with pops of pink and gold was set, and guests were under strict instructions to wear white only.

When Andrea was taken into the space (completely unaware of what was going on) she was asked to follow a series of hand-stenciled gold arrows on the floor. When she entered the venue, which acts as a bridal boutique by day, she was overwhelmed by what was created for her by her dear friends.

She was then given a floral crown, a glass of bubbly and the soiree began!

The table settings were decadent to say the least! Individual bottles of rosé sat at each setting, with a place card tied around the neck of the bottle. The table was dressed with masses of white Hydrangeas, Ranunculus and Anemones. Classic tea party fare was served, with scones, chicken salad, cucumber sandwiches, varieties of exotic tea, French champagne, gold-covered macarons and a special cake made just for the birthday girl.RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_02.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_19.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_18.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_17.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_16.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_15.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_14.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_13.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_12.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_11.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_10.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_09.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_08.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_07.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_06.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_05.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_04.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_03.jpgRC_AndreasSurpriseParty_20.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_31.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_30.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_29.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_28.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_27.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_26.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_25.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_24.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_23.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_22.jpg RC_AndreasSurpriseParty_21.jpg

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