When you re-brand and re-launch a party supplies business, it would be sacrilegious not to throw a big bash to celebrate the occasion.

Athena and Dimitri own House of Party, an online and walk-in party supplies store based in Kirrawee. After launching in 2013, this little party store quickly outgrew its original premises, so the couple decided the move it to a larger shop and re-brand the business to better suit their evolving direction.

True to form, they baptised their new brand and new store with a grand re-opening party to thank everyone involved.

The styling of the party was themed around the colour pink, to reflect their playful new pink shopfront and reinforce the new branding and new business spirit.

‘A cascade of elegant pink balloons framed the outside of the store and there were lots of yummy pink things to eat and drink,’ says Athena.

‘A photo booth was created with a streamer background, with the most beautiful florals and hand painted signage displaying the new logo.’

Along with a plethora of decorations and the most fabulous dessert wall in existence, the party also played host to plenty of handmade elements, like a pink balloon dog piñata made by House of Party team member Melanie and her three children (inspired by Oh Happy Day!), and hand-lettered signs with the new logo made by Pen and Sword Co, which now permanently sit proudly in the new store.

As party décor professionals, Athena and Dimitri have some solid advice for those planning celebrations of their own.

‘Sketch out the party venue and be judicious as to how much of the space you will decorate,’ says the couple.

‘It is better to focus on a smaller special area to decorate, rather than try to decorate a giant space. This saves you money and creates a more stunning effect. Classic decorations of sweet art, balloons and flowers are a reliable way to pull off an elegant look.

‘These basic decorative building blocks can be tailored to suit any budget and still create a memorable and stylish look.’

Well said Athena and Dimitri, well said.HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_30HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_01 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_33 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_32 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_31 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_29 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_28 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_27 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_26 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_25 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_24 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_23 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_22 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_21 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_20 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_19 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_18 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_17 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_16 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_15 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_14 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_13 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_12 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_11 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_10 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_09 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_08 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_07 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_06 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_05 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_04 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_03 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_02 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_34 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_63 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_62 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_61 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_60 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_59 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_58 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_57 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_56 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_55 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_54 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_53 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_52 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_51 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_50 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_49 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_48 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_47 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_46 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_45 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_44 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_43 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_42 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_41 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_40 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_39 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_38 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_37 HOORAY_KristieCarrickPhotography_Kirrawee_36


Photography: Kristie Carrick Photography | Event Planning, Styling + Decorations: House of Party | Floral Styling: Willow + Bear + Blossom Love | Hire Items: All Things Pretty for Hire | Venue: House of Party | Catering + Drinks: Butter Sydney | Cakes: Baked Patisserie, Ivy + Stone Cake Design, Sprinkles and Cream Cakes + Little Biskut | Cake Topper: Glistening Occasions | Stationery: Pen and Sword Co | Entertainment: Party Magic | Dress: Maria O Couture | Party Bags: Sweet Tilly Flint, Pretty Basic Designs, Dough My Dear + Sister Bows

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