An engagement ring is the first step on your journey down the aisle, so it’s important to find the right ring for you to say ‘I do’ to.  Here, we present our finds for engagement ring trends – what’s new in 2022.

With each new year comes new trends and re-emerging styles, which can make finding your dream ring that much more exciting.

So, whether you’re looking for your dream ring, or are just gathering inspiration, then look no further.

Read on for a one stop shop for all the inspiration and stunning rings you will need, to be on top of and all over this year’s engagement ring trends!

Vintage Inspired

It’s time for a stunning throwback. Throughout the years we have seen details inspired by vintage rings, but not to the degree we’re seeing this year.  Art Deco, Victorian and Gothic inspired styles are popping up and taking the engagement ring scene by storm. Some jewellers are even going a step further and are selling vintage rings for those looking for truly vintage and sustainable engagement ring options.

Vale Jewelry - Vintage Inspired

Image Via Vale Jewelery

Goodbye Diamonds

The saying ‘diamonds are forever’ is becoming a thing of the past it seems, at least to a certain degree. Gemstones are taking over and are giving diamonds a run for their money in stunning style. Some engagement rings are keeping diamonds as an accent to help the gemstones pop, whilst others are ditching them altogether, and letting gemstones take centre stage.

Grew & Co - Goodbye Diamonds

Image Via Grew & Co

A Splash of Colour

We’ve seen splashes of colour on engagement rings before, with pinks and yellows being a classic choice for quite a few years. But things are shifting to the cooler tones, with greens and blues becoming the favoured colour choice for engagement rings. So, if you’re looking for a bit of colour for your engagement ring, or to be the feature, then this year you’ll have plenty of options.


Image Via Cushla Whiting 


Pearls have always given a classic and timeless touch to jewellery, exuding elegance and style. So, it’s only natural that pairing pearls and engagement rings would have a similar outcome. Whether it’s on its own, or paired with another stone, pearl engagement rings are popping up all over the place this year. Giving a unique but classic twist on the traditional engagement rings we all know and love.

Anna Sheffield - Pearl

Image Via Anna Sheffield 

Halos but with a Twist

We’ve all seen the halo rings that have remained a favourite style, but this year these gorgeous designs are getting an eye-catching twist. Sunburst, floral and geometric style halos are switching up the classic halo design, in favour of stunning alternatives. These are perfect for those wanting to incorporate a vintage influence into a modern style, whilst still getting a ring that is one of a kind and eye catching.

local eclectic - halo

Image via Local Eclectic

Stackable Pairing

An engagement ring is not complete without a wedding ring, and now more rings are being designed with the matching ring in mind. These engagement rings are stunning on their own, but with the addition of the equally ornate wedding ring to complete the design, then you’ve got something really eye catching.

louise jean - stackable

Image Via Louise Jean Jewellery

It’s All in the Details

Though the classic simplicity is still a favourite choice, more and more rings that incorporate hidden details or twists on the traditional are popping up. From gallery detailing, a subtle twist on the cathedral style, to ornate bands in place of the traditional smooth metal bands. Subtle yet stunning details are becoming a popular choice this year for engagement rings, giving each ring its own flair, whilst keeping the classic styling.


Image Via Melanie Casey 

The Classics

The good thing about old favourites and the classics, is that they never seem to go out of style. So, if the classic engagement ring styles gave you a love at first sight moment, then you’re in luck. In the midst of all the new trends and re-emerging styles, the classic engagement rings still shine on, providing an everlasting style that will impress in 2022 and for years to come.


Image Via Larsen

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