Choosing what to wear on your big day is a big decision. From the perfect dress, to shoes that match and finally, the headwear that completes it all, no detail can be left untouched.  Knowing the latest bridal headwear trends can be tricky, but worry not!  

This year, the bridal headwear scene is overflowing with stunning choices fit for every bride to be and their wildest dreams.

So, if you’ve got your heart set on the traditional or if you’re looking for a fun contemporary twist, then look no further. With hats galore, stunning veils, dream worthy headbands, and show stopping florals, we’ve got all the bridal headwear trends you could want, covered.

Bridal Headwear Trends #1:  Hats

Hats are taking the bridal world by storm, giving a contemporary twist on the traditional veil, and offering the perfect moment to make a statement and switch things up.

From embroidered detailing, to a stunning floral twist, or a hat and veil moment combined, to incorporating a pop of colour into your wedding outfit, the only limit is your imagination.

So, add your favourite florals in a stunning arrangement, or match the colour of your hat to your bridesmaids’ dresses, wear it as your “something blue”, or have the best of both worlds with a veil incorporated into the hat’s design.

And for those looking for a beautiful blend of modern and feminine, the KYHA x Stephanie Spencer Millinery collaboration has got everything you could ever want or need.

This stunning collection offers a stunningly sophisticated and contemporary take on bridal headwear, offering something for everyone, especially our hat-loving brides to be.  These classically modern hats are the perfect addition to your bridal attire, offering a twist on the classic, giving you a little something that you can look back on fondly and continue wearing long past your walk down the aisle.


Bridal Headwear Trends #2: Veils

Veils are a timeless and classic choice for any bride to be, regardless of whether traditional is the order of the day, or if a modern twist is being incorporated.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on a long veil, or are switching things up with a shorter style, veils are a great choice for any bride whether minimalism is your preference or if all the detailing and more is the way you roll.

For those looking for a more minimal take on veils, the world is your oyster. Whether you want no detailing, or minimal additions of embroidery and embellishments, there are an endless number of veils that will meet your needs and compliment your wedding outfit beautifully.

And for those who are all about the details, then veils can also be a dream addition to your wedding outfit.  From creating a matching moment with the detailing on your outfit, to having it be the feature piece of your wedding outfit with some stunning colourful embroidery, veils offer limitless possibilities.

Via Prea James Bridal

Bridal Headwear Trends #3:  Headbands

Headbands are becoming a stunning choice for brides nowadays, with options galore and everything your heart could desire.  If a hat or a solo veil moment just isn’t fitting your vibe, then a headband just might be the choice for you.

Headbands are incredibly versatile, meaning there is a little something that is perfect for any bride, regardless of what you’ve imagined your dream headband to be.

For those who love a simple and understated look, solid colours are popping up all over the place, and if you’re feeling like switching it up a little whilst keeping true to simple and understated, try something that’s braided or woven for a subtle switch up.

Chunky headbands are becoming a popular option, with brides either rocking them on their own, or using it as a practical way to keep their veil secure.  These give a classic but modern take on any bridal look.

And for those who want something a little more extravagant on their big day, then this is your year.  Tiara inspired headbands and headbands embellished with stunning gemstones and pearls are taking the scene by storm, and just might be the choice for you.


Via Abbie Jade

Bridal Headwear Trend #4:  Florals

Florals are already a feature of your big day, so why not take it one step further and incorporate some stunning arrangements into your wedding outfit, beyond your bouquet?

Whether you’re feeling something subtle, incorporated into a headband or around a hat, or if you’re wanting a show stopping arrangement to be the feature, there is no wrong way to incorporate florals as your choice of bridal headwear.

Try switching things up by incorporating fresh and dried florals, elevating your bridal headwear look with a stunning twist.

And for the brides to be who love a matching moment, create one between the florals in your bridal headwear, your bouquets and any other florals featuring in your big day.

When incorporating florals for a stunning touch to your bridal headwear, anything your heart desires is within reach.


Via Blush Flowers

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