Linda and Dean met at a hair stylists’ awards night in Melbourne. Dean was the quirky, charming Englishman who was obviously there for the free booze. Linda was the sweet, ‘I’m not interested’ type who was in attendance to support her friend.

But of course, she was unaware that it was going to be the first night of the rest of her life; especially since Dean’s opening line was ‘I’m going to marry you’. The ironic thing was, he wasn’t kidding.

Here’s how the day went down: Put on outfits; get to the church (on time, critical today); don’t forget to say I do!; lots of pictures, oh and more pictures; drive around in the fancy car; we’ve paid for the petrol; drink first alcoholic beverage as married couple over a game of ping pong; arrive at reception venue and get covered in confetti; cut the cake and eat the food; speeches (keep it clean and funny); drink, dance and keep drinking; to the hotel, make a baby.

As for the couple’s favourite moment? ‘The cheesy answer is when we said “I do”. The real answer is the first bite of that succulent antipasto platter along with the sweet, sweet taste of beer over a game of ping pong,’ said Dean.

‘This was the period after the church and before the reception, and was the first time that we actually relaxed and truly began to enjoy being husband and wife.’
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