Lindsey and Ned met thanks to a granny flat for rent on Goulburn Street in Hobart. It was a few months later, at the Falls Festival, that the pair realised they liked each other more than landlord and tenant.

Ned’s work as a geologist meant the first two years of the relationship was mainly long distance, with Ned flying in and out of Papua New Guinea.

From not seeing each other much to living in each other’s pockets, they quit their jobs and went travelling together for 12 months.

Another stint of long distance hit upon their return to Australia, with Lindsey in Brisbane and Ned in Canada – which ultimately led to the decision to move to Perth, Western Australia, where they could work and live together.

Lindsey is a self-confessed op-shopaholic and couldn’t comprehend spending astronomical amounts of money on a dress that would be better spent on booze or a honeymoon. Lindsey wore two gowns; a white one to the ceremony and a pink one at the reception – both were vintage finds.

The couple used Australian native varieties like Kangaroo Paw and Banksias, which looked amazing against the art deco décor of their town hall reception venue.

They contacted a local native nursery to buy some flowers, and instead the owners donated as many freshly-cut flowers as they could fit into the back of a van – plus a game of tennis – all in exchange for a case of beer!RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_02.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_05.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_04.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_03.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_10.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_09.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_08.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_07.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_06.jpgRC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_13.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_11.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_12.jpgRC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_14.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_15.jpgRC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_16.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_20.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_19.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_18.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_17.jpgRC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_21.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_25.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_24.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_23.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_22.jpgRC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_30.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_29.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_28.jpg RC_Wedding_Lindsey-Ned_27.jpglindsey&ned_800px_448 lindsey&ned_800px_467 lindsey&ned_800px_461 lindsey&ned_800px_460lindsey&ned_800px_485 lindsey&ned_800px_512lindsey&ned_800px_530 lindsey&ned_800px_526 lindsey&ned_800px_514lindsey&ned_800px_569 lindsey&ned_800px_571lindsey&ned_800px_581 lindsey&ned_800px_589 lindsey&ned_800px_584lindsey&ned_800px_594 lindsey&ned_800px_597 lindsey&ned_800px_595lindsey&ned_800px_598 lindsey&ned_800px_600 lindsey&ned_800px_629 lindsey&ned_800px_620 lindsey&ned_800px_618 lindsey&ned_800px_617 lindsey&ned_800px_614lindsey&ned_800px_632 lindsey&ned_800px_638
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Photographer Lakshal Perera | Event Styling DIY | Ceremony Venue Lindsey’s parents’ farm | Celebrant Penny Williams | Reception Venue Stanley Town Hall | Catering Franks Catering | Wedding Cake Ned’s mother and sister | Stationery Designed by bride and handmade by bride, groom and friends | Florist DIY | Band Charlie Don’t Surf | Hair + Make-up Amanda at Smithton Hair Care Studio | Bridal Gown Fremantle Retro Vinnies + Woolloongabba Antiques | Bridal Gown Altered Studio White | Bridesmaid’s Dresses Review | Bride’s Shoes Lapella + Modcloth | Suits Country Road | Groom’s Shoes Witchery | Rings Metal Urges Fine Jewellery