So the big day is rapidly approaching and maybe you’re not exactly as organised as you thought you’d be at this point? You still haven’t finalised the florals, Auntie Marg and Aunite Betty had a fall out, so you have to re-jig the seating plan, and we won’t even get you started on the weather forecast for the day. Well ladies, it’s time for you to take a few moments to stop and unwind. After all, stress is not your friend and you don’t want to loose out on the glow you deserve to have on your wedding day. Do you know what you really need? TEA! We think you should set aside some ‘me-time’ before the wedding with a hot cup of goodness.

Our fave tea brand at the moment has got to be The Seventh Duchess. They make the most delicious blends of loose-leaf tea and have a whole range dedicated to health and wellbeing. We also discovered the sweetest little crockery label that we think you should get your hands on immediately. These teacups by Nest the Label are seriously cute! They feature whimsical illustrations by Brigitte May and are sure to lift your spirits with every single cup. But if you really want to get the most out of your ‘me-time’, here are a few herbal enhancements (found in your local health food store), that you can add to your cup of tea.

Stressed? Lemon balm – helps reduce stress and restlessness. Liquorice root – calms the mind and normalises adrenal levels.

Nervous? Passionflower – clears those nasty butterflies. But if you’re pregnant, don’t use this one. Lavender – reduces anxiety and promotes calm, while also aiding sleep and balancing hormone levels.

Can’t sleep?* Valerian root – induces sleep and lowers blood pressure. Hops – relaxing, sleep inducing and good for insomnia. *don’t take sedative herbs while using sedative medications.

So take our advice, put the kettle on and hit the pause button to de-stress, clear the mind and ease those pre-wedding nerves. Blog_TeaTime_2014:10:22_01
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