Bridget and Laurence met for the first time at drinks with friends one night. They clicked straight away and before the end of the night, Laurence had convinced Bridget to apply for a job at the Gambaro – the restaurant he worked at.

She got the job, and the rest is history… Laurence proposed when he took Bridget back to the Gambaro for one of their famous seafood platters.

‘He had gone to a lot of effort to get the ring to come out with my giant seafood platter; however, I was too excited about my [food] to notice. It was only when I saw Laurence on one knee that I had any idea what was going on,’ said Bridget.

When styling this comprehensively DIY wedding, Bridget and Laurence went for a desert winter theme with influences from Mexico, Spain and South America. Cacti were prevalent, as were bold and colourful patterned prints in a spectrum of pink, purple and red with added pops of orange and gold.

Warm festoon lighting created a cosy, convivial atmosphere and whitewashed deer antlers formed the centrepieces of the table arrangements.

Native bougainvillaea from Bridget’s parent’s farm added a splash of colour to the tables and ceramic crosses made by Laurence’s mum adorned the walls.

Other DIY elements included Mexican fabric napkins, the streamer garland, the photo booth backdrop, the pots, the wall hangings, the signs and the rice holders.

‘We had a lot of help,’ said Bridget.

We can’t obsess enough over this ‘Latino’ inspired, DIY wedding enough. From the colours to the table décor, every element fits together perfectly to create one helluva fiesta.RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_01.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_05.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_04.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_03.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_02.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_06.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_10.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_09.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_08.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_07.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_11.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_14.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_13.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_12.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_15.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_16.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_17.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_18.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_21.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_19.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_22.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_25.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_24.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_23.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_27.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_29.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_28.jpgRC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_30.jpg RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_31.jpg

Photography Bayleigh Vedelago | Videography Dante McCoy | Event Planning Poppies for Willow | Ceremony Venue St Josephs, Somerset Dam Village | Celebrant Father Dudley McMahon | Reception Venue Coronation Hall, Somerset Dam Village | Catering + Drinks Eatdrink Catering | Wedding Cake Bride’s friend Makala French-Castelli | Stationery Junita Hayes ([email protected]) | Florist Bride’s friend Chloe Musk | DJ Luke Mackinlay | Hair + Makeup Lily Fontana | Bridal Gown Daniel Moore, Alter Ego | Bridesmaid’s Dresses Alannah Hill, Virgos Lounge + Twobirds | Bride’s Shoes hand painted existing ones | Suits Simon Carter (Groom)| Engagement Ring An estate piece of jewellery from New York – an art deco filigree diamond ring | Wedding Bands Laurence’s parents handmade his wedding band