Before children, most couples (or singles for that matter) make a big production out of New Year’s Eve. Usually hitting the town, having a blast with their friends and then queuing up for a taxi at some ungodly hour in the morning.

As soon as kids come along though, those nights out on the town, tossing confetti and sipping champagne are usually exchanged with fighting sleep to watch the fireworks from your living room TV. Why not invite your other friends with little ones around for an under 18’s friendly party?

Some simple planning can go a long way to ensure that everyone has a blast (including the host!). Here are five inspired ways to spend New Year’s Eve with kids. Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_01Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_02 1. Serve the kids an amazing drink (non-alcoholic of course) for their own New Year’s toast. There are so many fun and festive concoctions that you can create from rainbow drinks, fire engines and milk in champagne flutes with a cookie garnish. Here are some suggestions:

Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_03 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_04 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_05 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_06 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_07 2. Make sure you capture the moment. Kids can get dressed up in their best kit or you can provide some fancy dress options like hats, boas and sunglasses. Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_08 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_09 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_10 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_11 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_12 3. Make the countdown fun using numbered balloons which when popped reveal a note with an exciting activity or game that the children have to play. Or you can make countdown goodie bags filled with heaps of amusing stuff like bouncy balls, bubble blowers, mini board games and so on. Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_13 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_14 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_15 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_16 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_17 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_18 4. Ask their children to record their top 10 memories from the year which can then be placed in a jar and read when the next New Year’s Eve comes around. Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_19 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_20 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_21 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_22 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_23 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_24 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_25 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_26 5. Let the kids stay up until midnight. Yep, real midnight. Not fake midnight. Because really, how many New Year’s Eve will there be when the kids are content to stay up and hang out with their parents? Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_27 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_28 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_29 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_30 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_31 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_32 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_33 Blog_ExtraImages_AkidFriendlyNewYearsEveParty_34 Styling Stacey Clark Stylist | Photography Rachel Claire Photography | Hair + Makeup The Pretty Parlour | Masks + Crowns Hubble + Duke | Ceramic Wares Eucalypt Homewares