Throwing a children’s party can be pretty crazy as it is, but throwing one at your own home can be even crazier! There are lots of things to consider—including games, food, decorations and the weather. The kids are always going to have a fun time together, but to make it extra special for them (and easier for you!) there are some words of wisdom you can follow. We’ve bundled up some useful tips to help you throw a kids’ party at home!Blog_Tips_ThrowaKidsPartyatHome_01.jpg Eloise’s Popsicle Party, Photography by Lee Bird Photography

1. Clear a play space

Move around your furniture to create a nice big play space for the kids to have some fun. Push chairs and sofas against walls as a place for the parents to sit.Blog_Tips_ThrowaKidsPartyatHome_02.jpg Lola May’s Sparkle Party, Photography by Lana Pratt Photography 

2. Take it outside

If the weather is lovely and warm and you have an appropriate outdoor area, consider moving the party outside! This will let the kids run around and have some fun without you having to worry about them making a big mess inside the house.    Blog_Tips_ThrowaKidsPartyatHome_05.jpg Ruby’s 1st Birthday, Photography by Claire Cosh 

3. Move your valuables

Nothing will ruin a happy day more than your favourite vase being smashed. Move and hide all of your valuable, breakable trinkets and decorations to save them and the kids from a scary accident.

Lola May’s Sparkle Party, Photography by Lana Pratt Photography 

4. Mark the spot!

Make sure your guests can easily find your home by tying some balloons to your letterbox, some streamers on the front fence, or some cute signage to point partygoers in the right direction. This will also create excitement as your guests approach the party!Red riding hood Charlotte’s Little Red Riding Hood Party, Photography by Naturalight Photography

5. Kid friendly foods

Catering to a smaller guest can be tricky, so choose small foods that can be eaten easily such as cupcakes, cookies, fairy bread and for some healthy options some fruit salad or caramel apples. The kids will love them and the parents will thank you for the sugar reprieve.Blog_Tips_ThrowaKidsPartyatHome_07.jpgEvie’s 2nd Birthday, Photography by Amy Oliver Photography 

6. Prepare activities 

Organise some classic party games and activities like colouring in, jump rope, cookie decorating, treasure hunts or dress ups. You’ll have a solid plan for the day and the kids will have loads of fun!Blog_Tips_ThrowaKidsPartyatHome_04.jpgLucy’s 4th Birthday, Photography by Jess White

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Throwing a children’s party can be chaotic, but don’t let the little things worry you. It will always end with cake and food on the ground and toys everywhere—let the kids have fun and worry about the clean up tomorrow.Blog_Tips_ThrowaKidsPartyatHome_08.jpgAmielle’s 1st Birthday, Photography by Ducky Professional Photography