So your bestie has popped the question – congratulations! We’re not talking about THE question (of the marriage kind); we mean the other question…the ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ one. Truthfully, being a bridesmaid is no walk in the park, but that’s not to say it isn’t a whole lot of fun! The role of the bridesmaid comes with certain duties and responsibilities that you might not be aware of. We’ve broken them down below – read on to see what might be expected of you between now and the big day:Lara Hotz Photography PTY LTD Photography Lara Hotz

First and foremost, it’s your job to be involved as much as possible and to help out whenever and wherever you can. Often, the maid of honour acts almost like an assistant to the bride and the bridesmaids act as assistants to the maid of honour.

Collectively, it’s the bridesmaids’ role to organise the bridal shower. It’s also very important to check how involved the mother of the bride would like to be and whether she would like to host the shower or not.RC_Wedding_Tory-Beau_03.jpgPhotography LJM Photography

It’s also the bridesmaids’ job to arrange the hen’s party. Normally, the maid of honour takes charge of this and delegates tasks to the rest of the bridesmaids.

As a bridesmaid, it’s likely that you’ll be asked to help with any DIYs, favour or invitation making. Even if it’s not a DIY-based wedding, there’s always something to be folded, stamped, addressed etc. RC-Wedding-Happy-Alice-10.jpg Photography Beck Rocchi

You’ll probably need to help the bride choose your bridesmaid dresses and/or accessories. Getting involved here is super important to ensure you find something you feel comfortable wearing. As a bridesmaid you might also be required to attend the bride’s wedding gown consultations and fittings. it’s important that you’re honest with the bride so that she feels assured in her final decision!RC_Wedding_Dale+Luke_34 Photography Stefani Driscoll Photography

Free up the days before and after the wedding. Pre-wedding, the bride will need your help setting up, finalising details or dealing with any last minute blunders. You’ll also be needed for a wedding ceremony rehearsal. After the wedding you might be required to help with pack down.

On the wedding day it’s the bridesmaids’ job to ensure the bride stays calm, looks tip top, is ready on time and is not stressing out! Never forget that it’s her big day, so the focus should always be on her.