In Australia, Father’s Day is just around the corner! Show dad how much you love him with one of these Confetti Popper Father’s Day cards from the lovely ladies at A Joyful Riot. With 5 different designs, there something to suit every Pop!


20 minutes


Ages 12+


Twistable confetti poppers | Printable wrappers | Printable confetti | Scissors | Cardstock | 1” (2.54 cm) circle punch (optional) | Adhesive paper or glue stick


  1. Once you’ve popped the original popper, you can pull the whole thing apart by pulling off the top shell. Then you’ll want to put it back together by pushing the spring down into the small cylinder and twisting the inside so it stays there. Then put the outer shell back over it and push it down.
  2. Print off appropriate wrappers and cut them out and apply to the cylinder above the ribbed bottom. Adhesive paper is easiest for this but you can use regular copy paper and a glue stick or even tape.
  3. Print off matching confetti and use either a circle punch or just scissors to cut out and fill your popper.
  4. Trace the original top that came with the popper onto cardstock paper and cut them out.
  5. Place on top and then fold over the wrapper on top.


Surprise dad (literally) with this delightful card on September 6!

Photography + Project A Joyful Riot