Alexis loves everything about celebrations! In her spare time she shares her love of gorgeous gatherings via her blog,, and helps to plan and style events. So when it came time to plan her own baby shower, she relished the opportunity.

Alexis didn’t know if she was having a boy or a girl when planning her shower, so she decided to go with what comes naturally to her – lots of bright colours and plenty of confetti.

Alexis and her partner had been referring to their unborn baby as ‘Tiny Teasdale’, so she incorporated the letter ‘T’ into the styling, with ‘T’ branded canvas goodie bags and ‘T’ cookies.

Alexis described the styling as ‘colourful, sweet and fun’. Guests at the shower gifted ‘Tiny Teasdale’ with a copy of their favourite childhood book, so Alexis could start a library for the baby.

‘It was so sweet reading everyone’s messages about their memories of the book they gave, and why they thought my baby would love it also,’ she said.RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-01.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-07.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-06.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-04.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-03.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-02.jpgRC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-05.jpgRC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-08.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-12.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-11.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-10.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-09.jpgRC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-13.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-17.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-16.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-15.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-14.jpgRC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-23.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-27.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-26.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-25.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-24.jpgRC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-28.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-32.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-31.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-30.jpg RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-29.jpg

Photography Alana Landsberry | Event Planning + Styling Alexis Teasdale + Amy Starr | Decorations Poppies for Grace + Lark | Event Venue Mrs Sippy Restaurant & Bar | Entertainment Cartoonist, Dani Vitz | Cake Sweet Mama Cakes

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