Blending classic elegance with cheeky charm, Blushing Confetti is sure to make you smile. Their stationery is totally lust-worthy, using foils and feminine colour palettes to create their fine paper delights. Meet Ellen, owner of Blushing Confetti!
1. Tell us a little about your business We’re a small team based in sunny Brisbane, Australia that like to create cheeky, yet stylish stationery for the modern, fun lady. We craft fine paper delights that extend from greeting cards, notepads, prints, gift tags, gift wrap to calendars. All of which are designed, printed and hand-assembled on local shores. We also create bespoke wedding invitations!


2. Tell us a little about yourself I am a self-confessed paper addict (especially of the confetti kind). I love blush and shiny foiled things and I watch way too many cat videos (let’s just say you are lucky that Blushing Confetti has refrained from snap chat!) I LOVE to make people chuckle or smile through our paper goods.


3. What is your background and how did you get into stationery design? After completing a degree in Graphic Design and dabbling in advertising, I moved to London and landed my dream job. I was designing for top fashion and lifestyle magazines like Marie Claire, Instyle and Look. After moving back to Australia, I got married to Mr. Blushing (a.k.a. Nathan) and, of course, designed my own wedding stationery! I then started offering that service to other people. What started with wedding stationery, quickly expanded into my first print collection. From there it moved into paper goods and we are continuously expanding the range.


4. Describe your aesthetic  Our fine paper delights always blend themes of classic elegance with cheeky charm. We like to tell it how it is (cue the ‘I love the shit out of you’ card) but it is usually portrayed in a feminine, shiny way. I have always had a love for foil; back in the day, I would even try incorporate foil into my university assignments as much as I could, which wasn’t ideal for a poor uni student! Foil is a huge part of the Blushing Confetti aesthetic. What can we say, we have expensive tastes!


5. What is your favourite aspect of your job? The best part is seeing the reaction to our products. Whether it is oohs and ahhs, a giggle or disbelief that we would actually print a swear word, it’s proof that all the all-nighters, stress eating and hand cutting confetti on weekends is totally worth it. We love this wild ride that we are on and all the rad people we meet along the way. #youguysarethebest


6. What stationery trends should we know about?  One of my favourite trends happening at the moment is the swoon worthy mix of copper foil and marble textures.


7. I am happiest when…  Wowzas there are SO many small and insignificant things that make me very happy, so if I wrote that list down we would be here forever! I am actually extremely happy when I am talking shop. I love business—so much so, that I work part-time as an Art Director pretty much every minute I am not working on Blushing Confetti. I love both the good and the bad that comes with small business and how it allows you to grow both professionally and personally. I also love working with other businesses! Watching cat videos is up there too…