We love a good Chrissy dinner celebrated with good food, good wine and good company—we think it’s one of the best ways to celebrate the festive season.

Pulling off a fabulously styled Christmas dinner needn’t be daunting—in fact, it can actually be a whole lot of fun! To help you on your way, we’ve pulled together five tips on styling a Christmas dinner, featuring these awe-inspiring images of a Christmas dinner at The Avalon in Northern Sydney, styled by The Hutch and photographed by by James Billing.blog_tips_howtothrowachristmasdinner_30

1. Bon bons

Christmas dinner just wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without bon bons! Adding just the right about of festive novelty, they’re a sure way to bring the Christmas spirit to your table. Your guests will love cracking them open and giggling over the silly jokes and novelties inside.blog_tips_howtothrowachristmasdinner_27

2. Candles

Use an abundance of candles scattered across your tablescape to set the mood of your dinner. A naked flame adds elegance and does wonders in creating ambience. Use candles dotted throughout your tablescape and fairy lights strung high above the festivities to create a soft, diffused light.blog_tips_howtothrowachristmasdinner_15

3. Greenery

Incorporating foliage and florals en masse will lift your event styling, adding interest and a fresh fragrance to your celebration. Use an overabundance of bright, vibrant florals for a fun festive vibe or berry-toned blooms for a sophisticated Christmas dinner party.blog_tips_howtothrowachristmasdinner_12

4. Colour palette

It’s easy to go overboard with traditional festive decorations, but keeping your décor clean styled around a central colour palette will help you to achieve a pulled-together feel. Pick a key colour—perhaps a traditional Christmas colour like red or green—then style your event around that.Blog_Tips_HowtothrowaChristmasDinner_08

5. Table settings

Create a special experience for each guest by adding a creative element to each table setting. This could be a placecard, a touch of foliage, or a cute favour like these gold Christmas ornaments.Blog_Tips_HowtothrowaChristmasDinner_10

Photography James Billing | Styling, decorations, hire, stationery + florals The Hutch | Location Avalon, NSW, Australia | Venue The Avalon